Manufacturing processes and technological lines encounter many different challenges such as ensuring undisturbed interoperability of various equipment. A high-quality equipment and sensor should be equipped with appropriate signal filtering and electronic components which would ensure compatibility and interoperability with other devices.

The same applies to wireless equipment which may be considered unstable when encountering interference of various signals. In such case, it is advisable to consider LoRaWAN technology (more information about LoRaWAN available here) which differs significantly from the traditional kHz devices and uses low frequency (EU 868MHz) low data rate packet transmission.
Our own experience shows that data transmission distance +/-5km in woodland area using LoRaWAN is tested and achievable. Although in a steel framed building reaches only 1km, it is more than sufficient for the size of our manufacturing units and warehouses. Besides, LoRaWAN is now used also for ATEX solutions which certainly helps for the remote control of fuel and ethanol levels, as well as grain and sawdust bunkers which should be protected against fire.

Security: just like for any other remote signal, there are many different solutions to ensure protection of the measured data.
“Security is a key feature of LoRaWAN.”

LoRaWAN ensures data transmission in your private area network. You can easily process the received data in your own server or alternatively rent a really trustworthy option for your data processing needs – data portal (cloud service). This data portal ensures automated data processing, hence, data analysts will only need to analyze charts and reports, as well as use the processed data for planning purposes. rather than searching for the data, creating, storing and formatting graphs and data comparison charts.

WILLSensors has been exploring the options provided by LoRaWAN and following its improvements and possibilities, as well as checking the market offers of available sensors and gateways already since 2017. The data portal of our business partner IOT systems allows to add LoRaWAN sensors produced by any manufacturer. Likewise, it can accommodate other wired and wireless sensors which support the MQTT messaging protocol.

We promote the use of adaptive and ageless technologies!

More detailed information about LoRaWAN sensors and gateways can be found on the website