Take the first step towards the advanced technology: How is communication between devices ensured? What happens if the equipment is defective? Watch the video below to see how you can utilize the amazing IO-Link functionality in your future operations.

Why are we so sure about the IO-link? Our customers have proved that those who are able to abandon the classic approach, they have managed to reduce their sensor stock in the warehouse by almost 30%, but more importantly – all IO-link sensors are very convenient, fast and ensure error-free parameterization.

After connecting them to the computer, these sensors provide much more parameters than normally:

the sensor is dirty, dusty or the signal is weak
the sensor has insufficient power supply
maximum and minimum sensor values
the sensor may be set to operate with time delay or several operating thresholds
sensor measurements and behavior may be tested and displayed on a computer!

Further information about accessibility of IO-link products can be found on the website sensors.lv