Scientists in their scientific and research laboratories are constantly looking for new possibilities to automate the technological process to perform their job duties, namely, in order to obtain and analyze data, to use them for their research work etc.The RFID (radio frequency identification) system is an ideal solution to fully track the product parameters, technological process flow and timings.

One specific example of growing plants shows that scientists studied eight plant diseases. Every day more than 25,000 seedlings were sprayed with three different components. The most important factor during this process is to clearly identify the sprayed plant sets and to obtain reliable data about this process for further analysis.

Previously paper codes were used, however, they had certain disadvantages, and the major drawback was the incapability to read them from a greater distance. Besides, waterproof solution costs as much as an RFID tag. Hence, RFID tags were glued underneath all flower pots (pots and tags are reusable). Each tag contains all the information (128 Byte tags) regarding the specific plant. Combined RFID transmitter/reader is installed straight after the spraying unit and transmits the data via Modbus TCP to the client server, or the client can access data via Industrial TURCK Cloud.

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