With Ruuvi sensors you can measure temperature, air humidity, air pressure and movement. For an easy to use measuring solution you will need only one or a few Ruuvi sensors and the Ruuvi mobile app. Ruuvi sensors send measurement data, which can be read with a smartphone, via Bluetooth. In the app, you may set alerts and customise the sensors to your liking. This setup is up and running within a few minutes. No pairing is needed.

You will get all the best features with Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi Gateway. The Gateway routes the sensors’ data to Ruuvi Cloud (new gateway owner gets a free Pro Cloud plan for 6 months). The Cloud enables remote monitoring via the Internet with trusted email alerts and longer history. With Ruuvi Gateway you will also get a longer Bluetooth range for your sensors. The Gateway works with your own Internet connection via a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. Ruuvi products are open-source. You can configure the Gateway to send data to a third-party cloud service.
Ruuvi products are designed perfectly fit both consumer and business uses. Ruuvi has already over 5 000 business customers located in 100+ countries. Measure Aquarium, Attic, Base floor, Basement, Bathroom, Bathtub, Batteries, Bedroom, Boat, Boiler Cold chain, Compost, Cool box, Cottage, Door, Dough, Engine room, Exotic animals, Food preservation, Food safety, Food storing, Freezer, Fridge

Garage, Garden, Greenhouse, Home, Humidor, Instruments, Jacuzzi, Kennel, Library, Living room, Machine room, Mailbox, Medicine, Music room Nature, Office, Pets, Piano, Pipes, Pizza dough, Pool, Sauna, Shed, Sourdough, Sous-vide cooking, Terrace, Tiny house, Van, Vinyls, Water, Weather, Wine storage. Certified: CE, FCC, ISED, TELEC, IFETEL, NOM, RTCA DO-160, RoHS, IP67 Low quantities are attractively priced and large quantities get even more affordable.

Operation principles

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