Swift and efficient data acquisition!

Do you need to retrieve data from your equipment? We can provide sensors. We can provide data transmission devices. We can provide data software and application. LogBox3G is an ideal real-time data reading device compatible with various sensors. Due to the built-in GPS, it can be used during transportation and for route tracking, as well […]

What is a TDR or contact microwave sensor used for?

If you have encountered several unsuccessful level control and monitoring attempts, we recommend you to try the most advanced TDR (time-domain reflectometry) sensors. UWT’s experience shows that thanks to adjusted sensor parameters such as microwave pulse frequency and radius it is possible to find a suitable solution for dusty or narrow space, or even sticky […]

Vehicle approach in any weather conditions

Radar sensor QT50R helps to detect the vehicle that has approached at the fuel pump or gates, as well as at the car wash or drive-in stations. It can be installed regardless of the existing (or non-existing) automated equipment. Its operating field is not affected by weather conditions such as snow, dust, wind or rain. […]

Perfect height control with the linear position sensor

Linear motion sensors provide measurements of the required precision in respect of height, spacing, movement or displacement. Thanks to the wide variety of options for sensor accessories, connections and mechanical assembly, this solution may be also installed in places where previously this function was ensured by means of terminal switches. Displacement measurements are vital both […]

Truck detection

Dealing with the challenge of detecting an approaching vehicle in any weather conditions and other environmental circumstances. Contactless and secure drive-in, opening of gate, loading and unloading of goods are just a few of the challenges encountered in logistics. Any existing warehouse or drive-in lane may be equipped with this automated approaching vehicle detection system, […]

Cylinder diameter measurement

The same sensorBaumer PosConOXC7 will provide accurate, convenient and reliable measurements of position, diameter and defects of a round object.

Level sensors Cleverlevel vs vibrating fork level sensors

CleverLevel is a widely used level control sensor that operates on the frequency sweep technology which helps to detect the limiting levels of all media – whether powder, granulated or liquid – where vibrating fork level sensors may not be used. Vibrating fork level sensors are quite good for detecting the substance, however, often granulated […]

Even more convenient and user friendly programmable logic controllers

Using a simple fieldbus user interface with a simple “Condition” and “Action” principle that is integrated into a flow chart user interface, ARGEE allows users with little or no experience to configure and program their Turck FLC devices. ARGEE challenges what an I/O device can do by creating a hybrid between simple block I/O and […]

Contactless buttons + detection

Control of daily habits – by means of contactless sensors with integrated indicators! Featuring high-quality LED lighting and industrial IP67 optical sensor, K50 contactless buttons are readily installable in access control equipment.

Quality control in component manufacturing

The inspection system ColourBrain®DrillCheck 4.0 is the technological leader in the quality control of drill holes and their connecting patterns, in particular, in manufacturing of furniture components. Deviations in the drill pattern are immediately detected, visualized and alarmed. ColourBrain®DrillCheck 4.0 ensures inspection on one or both sides of the component, and may also carry it […]