NOVUS is our most recent business partner. It has been selected with a purpose to ensure efficient and user friendly automation process even for a simple solution. The product range is constantly supplemented with wireless Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, GSM, GPS and also NB-IOT devices which can be easily integrated with other equipment. Data reading and visual registration can be performed by means of standard solutions such as SCADA, monitoring and control software.
NOVUS is a manufacturer of modern and ready-to-use measurement, control and data registration equipment with more than 30 years of experience in this field.

We regularly keep in stock the most popular NOVUS products:
FieldLogger – universal data logger/ programmable controller
N1030-PR – temperature controller in a compact housing, with only 35 mm depth
LogBox – battery operating data logger with Wifi or 3G connectivity with analogue inputs
and other NOVUS products which ensure more convenient and faster operation of essential control functions, as well as allow to take the first steps towards the process digitalization.