Energy sector

Accurate and reliable measurements.
Remote meter reading and data storage.
Flexible solutions as an investment in the future.
More convenient and smarter accounting, control and monitoring.

Boiler pipework installation and automation

Temperature sensors

Sensor types and materials are chosen depending on the chemical composition of fuel. Likewise, we offer advice regarding assembly solutions to ensure flame resistance of temperature sensors. Water temperature sensors are easily replaceable using thermowells/shells

Level sensors

To determine precise volume of fuel, it is possible to use specific level, fill-level or even 3D level measurement methods.

Electric motor monitoring and control

Vibration sensors

are widely used for detecting vibration, displacement or position, as well as for timely control of engines

Combined monitoring systems

provide comprehensive information for measuring temperature, vibration and shaft speed.

Flue gas control and measurement

Flue gas sensor

solutions may be either low-cost options such as lambda sensors or zirconium sensor probes with integrated electronic systems.

Wind farm positioning sensors

Level sensors for supply and condensate tanks

Flame and ignition control

Remote monitoring software

Equipment monitoring and control