Energy sector

Accurate and reliable measurements. Remote meter reading and data storage. Flexible solutions as an investment in the future. More convenient and smarter accounting, control and monitoring.


Equipment performance ratings. Reliable data for resource planning. Consistently high-quality end product.


Greener operations thanks to resource accounting. Smarter decisions based on compiled data. Reliable measurements for high-quality end product.


Reliable climate monitoring Access control. Accounting of product flow.


Machinery for high-quality performance. Modern equipment monitoring. Traceability and access control.

Waste management

Automatic container recognition, detection. Time and route planning. Complete process monitoring


Stabili, precīzi un izsekojami mērījumi. Atbilstoši laika apstākļiem un apkārtējās vides faktoriem. Starptautiski atdzīti rezultāti.

Science and research

Storage and retrieval of large data volume. Specific measurements, unique measurement methods. Publicly available data and accessibility of the data portal for the new scientists.


Automated solutions that meet public transport standards and design expectations. Touch button and alarm systems suitable for all groups of society.


Tested and certified automated railway solutions. High resistance to vibration and environmental factors. Approaching and tracking precision systems.

Ports and ships

Port machinery and naval technology. Data collection and processing. Automated equipment monitoring and reporting.