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Address: 127 Dzelzavas str., Riga, LV-1021, Latvia
Phone number: +371 67718678, +371 29449814

Company details

  • Company:SIA WILL Sensors
  • Reg. nr.:40103260828
  • VAT nr.:LV40103260828
  • Legal address:Kaivas 33k2-67, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia
  • Company address:Dzelzavas 127, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia
  • Bank:SEB banka, UNLALV2X
  • Acc. Nr.:LV04UNLA0050014780572

Our team


Communication(Call Centre) +371 29449814

Vilis Laksa

Member of the Board(Energy, heating solutions, gas, water and power) +371 29213102

Inga Laksa

CEO(TSL Escha transport buttons and lighting) +371 27817404

Ritvars Stradiņš

Technical Director(IIOT solutions, RFID systems, level and pressure control, wireless monitoring equipment) +371 26605885

Rolands Laizāns

Project Manager(Sensors and connections, automation solutions, heating system sensors, wireless systems, industrial cloud solution) +371 28005598

Norberts Kalve

Product specialist(Process control products, regulation and measurement devices) +371 25674473

Kristaps Širaks

IT specialist(Technical solutions and support LoRaWAN, HMI/PLC, wireless equipment) +371 27872288

Ričards Sleņģis

Logistics Manager(Logistics and procurement) +371 28771416

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